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  • U.S. Lead-free & European Union reach legislation ...

    U.S. Lead-free & European Union reach legislation contributing to bismuth demand

  • Uranium Mining and the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program ...

    Formed over 6 billion years ago, uranium, a dense, silvery-white metal, was created during the fiery lifetimes and explosive deaths in stars in the heavens around us, stated Nobel Laureate Arno Penzias.Arno A. Penzias, the Origin of Elements, Nobel Lecture, December 6,1978.

  • Mining News and Investment Topics

    Mining news topics from The latest news on mining, mines and mineral properties, mining companies and metal prices.

  • Mining Peru export, future, power, sector

    The mining of metals was Peru's leading industry in 2002. Among export commodities, gold, copper, zinc, crude petroleum and byproducts, and lead ranked second through sixth, respectively.

  • Morelos Gold Project Mining Technology

    The Morelos gold project is located 180km southwest of Mexico City in the state of Guerrero. Spread over 29,000ha, the...Read More...

  • Mexico country brief Department of Foreign Affairs

    Mexico country brief Country, economy and regional information

  • Bismuth Wikipedia

    Bismuth is a chemical element with symbol Bi and atomic number 83. Bismuth, a pentavalent post-transition metal and one of the pnictogens, chemically resembles its lighter homologs arsenic and antimony.

  • The top producing countries of precious metals.

    The Top Producing Countries Of Precious Metals Precious metals are rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical elements. Most of the precious metals have high investment values and historically they became the standard for monies.

  • 9 of the major players in the Peruvian mining industry ...

    With news that the Energy and Mines Minister of Peru has projected a mining investment recovery towards 2018, we look at the major mining players in Peru

  • Bismuth

    Bismuth is a silvery-white metallic element with a pinkish tint on freshly-broken surfaces. Its chemical symbol is Bi, and its atomic number is 83.

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