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  • Polyester, Epoxy, Urethane and Plastic Resin Fillers ...

    Resin Filler Powders There are numerous fillers that can be used to tailor the properties of a liquid plastic system prior to casting. Not only are these fillers used to increase the viscosity of your liquid resin system (thickening agent), but you will also affect the properties of the finished product.

  • Thickening Agents, Gelling Agents, Rheology Modifiers ...

    This category includes water, and oil, soluble Thickening Agents, Gelling Agents, and Rheology Modifiers. Thickening Agents are ingredients that may be added to increase the viscosity of an emulsion without any other significant change to performance of emulstion behavior.

  • CFR Code of Federal Regulations Title 21

    The information on this page is current as of April 1 2017.. For the most up-to-date version of CFR Title 21, go to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR).


    Apr 13, 2017· The aqueous composition according to claim 1, wherein the polyurethane thickening agent is in the form of an aqueous formulation additionally comprising water and at least one surface-active agent. 7.

  • Micro-Encapsulated Phase Change Materials: A Review

    Micro-Encapsulated Phase Change Materials: A Review of Encapsulation, Safety and Thermal Characteristics

  • BASF Care Chemicals Chemtec Chemical Company

    Chemtec Chemical Co. was established in 1985, for the purpose of providing high quality, specialty raw materials from some of the worlds finest chemical manufacturers to the personal care industries.

  • Paint Additives, Coating Additives, Insulating Paint ...

    Manufacturers of paint additives, coating additives, ... Modified Polyurethane based ... Liquid thickening agent for solvent based paint and coatings for ...

  • Taiwan Thickener for Water Based pu,Thickening agent

    Taiwan Thickener for Water Based pu,Thickening agent for water based PU,Thickener for Waterborne PU , Find Complete Details about Thickener for Water Based pu, Thickener for Waterborne PU, Thickening agent for water based PU from Taiwan Polyurethane Adhesive Supplier and Manufacturer TAIWAN PU

  • Body Casting Tutorial: Hydrogel Mold & Cold Cast

    We chose to use Polygel 40, a self-thickening polyurethane rubber, to create this mold (NOTE: Polygel 40 is no longer available Polygel 35 has taken its place). Polygel 35 has a mix ratio of 1A:1B, a working time of 8-10 minutes, and demold time of 8-12 hours.


    1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. This CICAD on diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) was prepared by the National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan, in collaboration with the National Center for Environmental Assessment,

  • Thickeners and Rheology Additives chem tech

    The thickening mechanism of associative polyurethane thickeners is completely different. Due to their hydrophobic-hydrophilic-hydrophobic structure they form aggregates in aqueous systems (micelles), whereby e.g. one thickener molecule can be part of two or more micelles linking them physically this way.

  • Casting & Moulding, Plaster-Of-Paris, Alginate, Modroc ...

    weatherproof casting plaster suppliers and dense casts & impressions and moulds, accessories, waterproof plaster-of-paris exterior plaster repairs for outdoor statues, sculptures, modroc p.o.p. bandage, alginate dental impression material, garden ornaments, mod roc, modelling rock

  • Illustrated Professional Dictionary of Horology

    So you can always have it ready to hand, the Illustrated Professional Dictionary of Horology is also available in a paper version. Containing around 1300 pages, it lists nearly 5000 terms in four languages (French, German, English and Spanish), with an alphabetical index.

  • K TECH (INDIA) LIMITED Specialty Chemicals

    K TECH (INDIA) LIMITED Speciality Additives Division We Bridge Chemistries... Foreword This brochure gives you an overview of K-TECH's sales Range with many

  • Product Catalog of Epoxy Chemical

    Epoxy Resin and 2-Component Resin Systems and other construction resins Zero 0 VOC, No VOC, Low VOC

  • Sculpture Depot Fibers & Fillers

    Great for adding strength as well as a thickening agent for silicone and urethane rubbers. Can be added to urethane resins also.

  • A Guide to Formulating Polyurethane Dispersions

    optimum polyurethane film properties at ambient temperatures, a coalescing solvent may be required to reduce the higher glass transition and give better chain entanglement in the final film. The best coalescing agents are soluble in both water and the SYNTEGRA polyurethane dispersion polymer, yet will evaporate at a slower rate than water.

  • Thickening agent based on polyurethane

    The inventive thickening agent is characterised by an excellent thickening action, especially for aqueous dispersions. The invention relates to a thickening agent based on an aqueous preparation of water-dispersible or water-soluble non-ionic polyurethanes.

  • Shop for Urethane Plastic Reynolds Advanced Materials

    Reynolds Advanced Materials offers easy to use plastics with tremendous versatility and economy that are perfect for casting detailed models, props and cast effect pieces.

  • Polyurethanes and their use for the thickening of

    These polyurethane thickening agents are suitable as auxiliary substances for adjusting the rheological properties of aqueous systems, such as automotive and industrial paints, plaster paints and coating compounds, printing inks and textile dyes, pigment printing pastes, pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, plant protection formulations or

  • What kind of resin should I use? Resin Obsession

    If you are asking yourself what kind of resin should I use, then you will want to read this breakdown on different types of resin.

  • DIY Tip: Thicken Your Epoxy For Even More Versatility

    DIY Tip: Thicken Your Epoxy For Even More Versatility A couple of recent repair project remind PopMech's home blogger of the utility of thickening epoxy.

  • US8334357B2 Thickening agent based on polyurethane ...

    Disclosed is a thickener based on an aqueous preparation of a nonionic, water-dispersible or water-soluble polyurethane, obtained by reacting: (a) ...

  • How to Build Your First Surfboard

    HALL OF FAME ~~~~~ Thanks to the users below for keeping this site alive and unbiased with their donations. Mark Sadler

  • PlatSil Gel-25 Polytek Development Corp.

    PlatSil Gel-25 Silicone Rubber is a two-part, platinum-catalyzed, liquid silicone system that cures (RTV) to a milky white, Shore A25 rubber. This silicone is most often used to make prosthetic appliances (in conjunction with PlatSil Deadener LV or Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener), for lifecasting and mold making.View all PlatSil Gels.

  • Mann Release Technologies Ease Release 200 14 fl. oz.

    Ease Release 200 is an excellent general purpose release agent for making molds and casting parts. This product will release polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, polyester resins, platinum silicones, rubber and thermoplastic polymers.

  • Paint Additives, Coating Additives, Insulating Paint ...

    Manufacturers of paint additives, coating additives, insulating paint additives, powder coating additives, marine paint additives, wall paint additives, floor coating additives, roof coating additives, plaster additives, ink additives, polymer additives, rubber additives.

  • polytek

    polyurethane molds without any release agent, but most concrete mixes and casting resins require a suitable release agent ... of a thickening agent, such

  • Eastman chlorinated polyolefins

    The purpose of the polyurethane thickening agent in the formulation shown in Table 3 C is to allow the coating to sit on the substrate during

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